In my role as an independent funding advisor and grant writer, I often find myself in a trainer position. Just this week, I had the opportunity to train research managers and administrators (RMAs) and researchers in Slovenia. We covered the basics of grant writing and how to create an impact pathway. The session was mutually beneficial, filled with questions and insights from all sides.

Some people ask why I would share my expertise with potential competitors. My answer is straightforward: I believe in the value of collaboration. In my view, other RMAs are not competitors but peers. We can all learn something from each other, and this collective learning benefits the entire research community.

While research is a competitive field, there’s a balance to be struck when it comes to sharing knowledge. Being overly guarded can limit your own growth and hinder progress in the field.

I won’t be able to participate in the upcoming EARMA ESRAM Masterclass this fall for personal reasons, but I’m looking forward to rejoining in 2024. Until then, I wish everyone productive learning and sharing.