In my world of independent grant writing, the journey is as significant as the destination. The intricate dance of crafting funding proposals, especially for collaborative projects, demands months of dedication. The culmination of this effort, the moment of submission, is undeniably exhilarating. But then, the waiting game begins.

The anticipation grows, and with each passing day, the weight of expectation becomes heavier. And then, the moment of truth arrives – the evaluation verdict. Sometimes, it’s not the news we hoped for.

Initial reactions? Disappointment, naturally. We might scrutinize evaluator reports, questioning the fairness of their critiques. But it’s essential to rise above these feelings, to step out of the victim’s shadow. Reflecting on the proposal development process becomes crucial. Did I give it my all? What lessons can I draw for future endeavors?

Remember, our sphere of control is limited to our actions, not external outcomes. The world of grant writing is competitive, and evaluations can be subjective. As the ancient philosopher Epictetus wisely remarked, “If you tie your success to anything external, you’ve set yourself up for disappointment. Tie your worth to your effort and intentions.”

It’s the passion, the effort, that fuels my journey in this profession. So, with optimism in my heart and lessons in my pocket, I march forward to the next proposal!