It’s been two years since I embarked on my journey as a solopreneur. I have started this adventure driven by a passion for helping researchers secure the funding they need to bring their projects to life. Reflecting on this period, I am proud of the successes and collaborations I’ve achieved.

Working with brilliant minds across Europe, I’ve supported important and relevant research proposals. I’ve joined coordinators in working over weekends and holidays close to the deadline. To ensure that proposals were complete and aligned with funder expectations and call requirements. The results speak for themselves. Proposals have been granted in prestigious programs like Horizon Europe Pillar 2, ERC Advanced, Digital Europe, NWO Gravitation, NWO-KIC, ZonMw, Health~Holland, and KWF. The high scores, particularly on the impact chapters, affirm my expertise.

After 18 months of intense, deadline-driven work, I decided to balance my schedule. I now combine proposal writing with strategic advice, training, workshops, and temporary project management. This diverse approach allows me to continue as a true all-rounder, constantly learning from daily practice and the challenges faced by scientists and peers. These learnings, in turn, feed into my proposal development skills.

As I look forward to my third independent year, I am excited about the inspiring proposals ahead and an upcoming novel training initiative. Stay tuned for more news.

I am also in full exploration of how AI can support me in my work. This image created by DALL-E is an example.